Studies on the national poverty gap show that 89.6% of the rural population lives below the poverty line with 46.7% living in extreme poverty.

In light of this situation, ADRIG has worked tirelessly to improve the economic and living conditions of 956 farmers by providing them with seeds, revolving funds and technical assistance to produce plantain, cassava, vegetables, fruits and honey for local marketing, thereby improving their food security and income. The ability to cultivate and harvest their own food, in addition to an average of 15% profits after selling their crop has increasingly improved the nutrition and income of rural families.

ADRIG strongly believes in the important role of women and their positive contribution to society and; therefore, focuses on providing technical assistance and financial capital to more than 1,500 women to implement income generation activities. This assistance has resulted in 1,300 women, establishing their own small businesses in areas such as raising poultry, hogs, and cattle, marketing cereals and grains, running small stores and bakeries, and a small group of women weave traditional fabrics.   The ability to do this not only has empowered these women to succeed personally, but has also allowed them to contribute to improving their household economies, health, education levels and necessities for their children.